Bread Machine

Hmmmm.  My last post to this blog was on Feb. 12, 2011.  By now I’m sure everyone thinks that this blog is done – kaput – fini.  Well, I thought so too.  I’m back to old habits and have gained weight.  Ugh.  The cycle continues to cycle.  

So what brings me back to post something?  A bread machine.  I was just perusing the Amazon website looking for a bread machine.  Let’s take a look at my thought process………..

Yesterday I volunteered at church – a very fun job – and when I left for the day I didn’t feel like going home.  My go-to place when I want to wander is Barnes & Noble.  There are several Barnes & Noble stores in my area and I chose one of the larger ones.  I went up and down almost all the aisles and back to several sections to re-look at books I might like to read.  After an hour and a half of standing and slowly meandering, it was time to go home.  

As I drove towards home my stomach was growling and I thought about supper.  My mind went immediately to warm bread – homemade warm bread – bread like my mother used to make.  There used to be some of those wonderful bread stores in my area, but alas they are all gone now.  There is a bakery near my house, but I’m usually disappointed with their breads.  BUT, I stopped there anyway.  

One good thing they have is toasted coffee cake.  I thought I would get a package of that and perhaps some good dinner rolls.  When I pulled up in front of the store, there was a sign in the window announcing that they had Limpa bread.  Smells and images of my mother’s Limpa bread had my mouth watering.  

Ten minutes later I walked out of the store with a loaf of Limpa bread, a package of toasted coffee cake, one small sweet roll for breakfast, and one free Easter Egg cake (like a cup cake).   The Limpa bread was a big disappointment.  Nothing at all like my mother’s wonderful bread.  It was commercial and bland tasting.  I had the sweet roll for breakfast and was not impressed.  It was just OK – but not worth the extra calories.  The little egg cake was just a piece of pound cake heavily frosted.  I removed the frosting and ate the little piece of cake for my dessert last night.  The toasted coffee cake I know is good and a piece now and then will make a nice crunchy snack.

The desire for some good bread did not go away.  That is when I started thinking about a bread machine.  My cooking skills are not good and the thought of trying to make bread on my own is like deciding to become a star ballet dancer.  It isn’t going to happen.  The bread machine seemed like the perfect answer.  Yes, I used to have a bread machine back when the craze hit in 2000, but I eventually got rid of it when it was taking up too much cupboard space.   

Whenever I want to research something I might want to buy, I go to Amazon to check on the range of prices. Would a bread machine cost me hundreds of dollars or under a hundred?  Should I venture out to Target or Wal-Mart and invest in a new appliance?  Would I use it enough to justify the cost?  Would it save me grocery money?  Would the bread be healthier?  Or would I just end up eating more bread than was necessary?  And did I really need another appliance?  

Absolutely crazy.  I’m absolutely crazy.  I’m looking at bread machines on Amazon! ! !   Where has my common sense gone?  

Every day is a struggle with this food addiction/problem.  Every day I struggle with being hungry and making good or bad choices.  Every day I rebel against dieting and yet want to lose weight.  I’m still waiting for the magic answer and do NOT want to hear that all I have to do is cut down on calories and move more.  I’m a spoiled brat and I want to eat good, comforting food, sit in my chair, and still be slim and fit.  And if you can’t give that to me, then leave me alone.  

Crazy, spoiled, rebellious, and not ready to change.  That is the situation on April 7th, 2011.

One thought on “Bread Machine

  1. Your blog header states "…hope to have some answers by April 2011." Where did that year go? And why is the question all I still have? Why are answers so elusive? Why do we rebel? Why can't we have it all? How much is our genetic code playing in our battle for our thinner selves? And what is heaven's name is Limpa bread? Sounds like a bread with a self-image problem!!!! LOVE yOU!

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