Hurry back…………

These dear friends just left after a wonderful visit.  I will miss the chatter and laughter in my house.  It certainly was an eventful week. 

The fun part:  We went to the theater, out to eat, and shopping. 

The problem part:  My refrigerator stopped working, my hair dryer also stopped working, one of the husbands had a medical emergency, a mother of a dear friend died, and a knitting project had to be torn out twice.  Then we discovered that the designated driver did not have her license with her!  

Each problem found a solution, we had each other for company, and there was plenty of laughter.

Yes, we watched some of the royal wedding, gathered around two separate TVs in our PJs.  

I shed a few tears as they pulled out of the driveway, but can look forward to October when they will be back.  We are planning to do at least one craft day in the fall even though two of the gals do not do crafts.  They will bring their electronic devices to surf the Internet and play angry birds while we craft.

And in the mean time, three of us have decided to do a monthly postcard swap.  I’m forcing myself to be creative as I belong to a monthly artist’s trading card group, monthly writing group, and now a monthly postcard trading group.

Now it is back to my normal routine, and finishing up the end of the goodies.

3 thoughts on “Hurry back…………

  1. I know you had a wonderful time … so glad this is now a twice a year event. I know it's always sad when they leave … hope you have something planned for your day and you will enjoy it. Terry's in Indy so I'm enjoying the reverse treat of a quiet, all by myself, day. But … I've got two computer projects going so my frustration level is elevated. Still glad to have the alone time to do them!

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