Problem and Solution

My cousin made a quilt and gave it to me to bind.  She is pretty new to quilting so I was not surprised when I found a common mistake – her backing fabric did not completely cover two opposite corners of the quilt.  Of course the easy solution was to make a label to cover one corner, but what could I do about the other corner?  I tried to figure out how to patch some backing fabric, but it all seemed like a lot of work for a tiny little mistake.  Then it came to me – make another label  (see below) that celebrates her free spirit and sense of humor.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

One thought on “Problem and Solution

  1. I'm the cousin… :<) and usually fly by the seat of my pants…thus, not enough material…very typical of me…thanks to my cousin quilter extrodinaire who came up with such a creative idea…Oops should be my middle name… :,)

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