Challenge Block

After a personal hiatus from crafty projects, I got back into my Quilt Studio today.  Our Bee has decided to start another challenge.  One person distributes a 4-1/2″ square of fabric to everyone and the challenge is for each of us to make a 12″ (finished) block with the square and bring it to the next Bee monthly meeting.

This is my finished block – and the 4-1/2″ square is the one in the center.  I’m pleased with the end result.  The block is Block 8 – August – from Thimbleberries Big Book of Quilt Blocks, by Lynette Jensen.  I chose August because it is the birthday month of the recipient.

Next month is my month to bring squares to everyone.  I  have a fabric temporarily picked out, but I will give it another few days to decide for certain.  Everyone expects me to bring something green, but I think I will surprise them.

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