Monday sewing

On my To Do list this week – two quilts to be bound for friend Lindsay.  Today I got one of them done.



Since it is not my quilt, I cannot show the top, but I will show you a little slice at the top of the next picture.  The whole quilt is done in batiks and it is gorgeous.


After getting the binding done, I decided to take a break from hand sewing and make a few more of the Farmer’s Wife blocks – #3 and #4.  The little basket – block #3 – went together nicely except that the handle was too long and I had to cut it down. 


Then I happily moved on to block #4 – all straight pieces.  Easy.  Ha Ha – I laugh.  It did not fit together.  It was a good quarter of an inch off when I tried to put the four sections together.  What had I done wrong?  My quarter inch seams are pretty accurate.  So I went back to the template and sure enough, the quarter inch seam allowance on the templates was a smidge less than a quarter inch. 

I then proceeded to check the other blocks I had made to see if the unfinished size was 6-1/2 (for a finished 6 inch block).  Nope.  They measured 6-1/4 unfinished. 

So what do I do now?  Start over?   Proceed and make all the blocks 6-1/4?  Give up?  I really like that little basket block.  Maybe I’ll make another like it and do a table runner.  The other blocks could go in my orphan block drawer.  ………..Maybe my  printer didn’t print the templates accurately……. 

I’m gong to go knit for the rest of the day.

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