Hot glue and other projects…..

Quite a few blogs that I read have been showing little design boards for laying out blocks.  These little boards can then be easily transported to the sewing machine for assembling the block without losing pieces along the way.  (The original instructions/tutorial can be located here – Tutorial #1 and Tutorial #2 – at the Bee In My Bonnet Co. blog.)

Here are my version of the design boards.


They don’t look too bad, but let me tell you, a hot glue gun in my hands is dangerous.  I ended up with more glue on my fingers and hands then on the edges of the board.  After burning myself several times, I decided to try a different kind of glue.  In my arsenal was a brand new can of spray-on glue which might work fine for a large area, but trying to aim it at the edges was down right silly.  A bottle of liquid glue ended up being the best bet for me even though that was messy too.  I needed a lot of Goo Gone to clean up my hands!


This is a quilt top I made many moons ago at a class led by Mary Ellen Hopkins of It’s OK If You Sit On My Quilt fame.


It was on my UFO list.  I could have added more blocks or borders, but I decided it was good and instead made a pieced backing so that I can get it quilted.


Using up leftover blocks and scraps of fabric makes me happy.  When the quilt back is almost as interesting as the quilt front, it makes me smile.  I also seem to have an endless supply of cat fabric scraps!


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