Block #8–Farmer’s Wife

This picture is not very good in that you cannot tell the true colors.  There is a band across the top of the basket where I placed some green fabric to represent the leaves of the tulips.  The picture makes it look almost black.


It truly looks much better in person.  This is the first block I made using the drafting and rotary cutting instructions found on Bee In My Bonnet’s blog.   Of course I made a few mistakes, but even with the mistakes it was so much easier than using the templates.

To anyone paying attention to my blog, you will notice that I skipped right over Block #7.  Why?  There are 40 tiny pieces in that block, that’s why.  I think I will wait and do that one when I am feeling more confident.

Has anyone seen my good seam ripper?  I lost it somewhere in my quilt studio.  I really want to find it.  Several weeks ago I also lost my very favorite thimble.  I keep hoping it will show up under a chair or cushion.  As soon as I go out and buy these essential items, they will reappear I’m sure.  In the meantime, I am using an old dull seam ripper and a thimble that keeps falling off.  Sigh.


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