Yesterday the UPS man rang my doorbell and left a long package on my doorstep.  Since I had not ordered anything, I was in for a nice surprise!


Yes, a cheerful pink package from my friend Christine who explained that she had been shopping at Vogue Fabrics.  She found these batik beauties in the sale bin and thought of me!  Love it when that happens.


Of course I spent the rest of the day dreaming of quilt patterns that would show off these colorful fabrics.  Thanks Christine!!!!!!


Last night I finished binding this quilt – pattern Happy Hour by Atkinson Designs.  The fabric came from a 10” fabric line sampler, but I cannot remember what line of fabric – sorry.  It was quite a while ago.


My friend Moe did the quilting – excellent as usual – and I hung it in my hallway to enjoy for a while.  (The picture washes out the colors.)

Today I am very grateful that I am a quilter – because of the creativeness, the friendships involved, the fabrics, and the end result.


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