Tumbler Frenzy

My Fall tumbler block quilt is now all sewn together and ready for the next step – borders? no borders? – and will be put away for a later decision.


I wanted to get the design wall cleared so that I could put up the Christmas tumbler blocks and make sure it was OK before I return the Accuquilt Go Cutter to my friend.  I really love the Christmas reds and greens.  They always make me smile.  (However, this picture makes the colors look dull.  Believe me, they are vibrant in person.)


My favorite fabric is this one (below) and it is the very last scrap left.  Again, the pictures does not do it justice as the mottled green in the background is actually a very sparkly bright Christmas green.


These blocks will get packed up in a project container for a while as I really need to get back to my binding projects.  When I get bored with the binding, I will take time out to make a few more Farmer’s Wife blocks.  A quilter is never without things to do!


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