Cookbook Cleanup

As I was cleaning the kitchen today, the pile of cookbooks on my counter and filling two shelves annoyed me.  I love cookbooks, but almost never use them.  When I need to find a recipe, I go to the computer and search for what I want.  Ten years ago when I moved into my house, I got rid of a many, many cookbooks.  Today it was time to purge again.  I gathered all the cookbooks in one spot and started eliminating.

cook book cleanup 002

I kept the sentimental ones – the church cookbooks, Northwest Suburban Quilters Guild cookbooks, some gifted cookbooks, and my very first cookbook, The Joy of Cooking, along with the Mitford cookbook and of course the treasured Pioneer Woman cookbook.

cook book cleanup 003

I’m now down to one shelf and two overflowing notebooks where I stash recipes printed from the web. 

No “before” pictures, but the “after” pictures make me happy.

cook book cleanup 004

Neat shelves and an uncluttered counter……………ahhhh nice. 

Supper tonight was leftovers.  Don’t need a cookbook for leftovers!!!


One thought on “Cookbook Cleanup

  1. Saw it myself and it's oh so fresh and "new". Can you believe all those books you let go and gave them new life?!! Feels good doesn't it? What's next????

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