The Red Chair

This is my Red Chair

red chair 001

It was originally purchased to use in my kitchen.  I wanted a comfortable chair to sit in while I had my coffee and read the newspaper.  It was lovely at first, but it did crowd the table and sometimes made it difficult to fully access the refrigerator.

I moved it to my office, but it was crowded in the office too and there was no good lighting near the chair.

Company was coming, so I moved it to the living room and could then accommodate six people on comfortable seating – three upholstered chairs and a three-seater sofa.  I had a small TV in the living room, so the red chair faced the TV.

Then I took the TV out of the living room and decided to move the red chair so that it faced out into the room and towards the front door.

There is a point to this story, so stick with me…….

Winter arrived here today.  It was cold and windy.  When winter arrives, I don’t like to be in my basement quilt studio in the evenings.  I’m OK during the day with a good heater and daylight, but it isn’t as cozy as I would like it in the evening when the winter/cold weather seeps through the floor and walls.

I don’t want to get a TV for the living room, but I would like to stitch in a comfortable chair and watch TV in the evenings.  The rocking chair that resides in the bedroom works OK if I’m only sitting for an hour, but after an hour it becomes very uncomfortable. 

So…….I decided to move the red chair into the bedroom and the rocking chair to the living room.  Now I can sit in the red chair, watch my bedroom TV, stitch, and be very cozy and comfortable.

red chair 002

There was one big problem – getting it through the doorway and past the dresser.  I am persistent and strong.  Putting it on it’s side I was able to squeeze it through the doorway and then with all my muscles put to use, I lifted the chair over the bed and around the dresser, into the corner where it barely fits.  Yes, it is crowded and will be difficult to get to the left side of my closet, but this will be temporary.

I’d love to find a small inexpensive upholstered chair, but for now the red chair will do just fine.

Of course I didn’t sit in it yet and by the looks of the picture, there may not be much room for my legs. 

red chair 2 002

The walls in my bedroom are a deep red and it makes the chair look almost tan/brown.  (I hope you didn’t notice that the bed is not made – just pulled the quilt over to make it look like it was made.)

I’m going to go make dinner now and then spend a few hours in the Red Chair doing some counted cross-stitching.  I’ll let you know how it works out.


2 thoughts on “The Red Chair

  1. LOL! I can completely see you dragging that chair through the door and over the bed and then not having enough room to sit comfortably!!! At least you know the exit route for the chair!!! Love the quilt with it too!

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