Update–stitching & tumbler

The Red Chair worked out in my cozy bedroom.  I stitched for a while last night, finishing up the pineapple leaves and getting a good start on the pineapple for block #6 of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow.

XmasTumblerflimsy 002

It was nice being in a comfortable chair, my legs warm under a small quilt, good light for stitching, and some mildly interesting TV for company while I worked on my stitching. 


My niece, who quilts and stitches also, has started a blog and I am trying to encourage her to show off her excellent workmanship.  Please visit her blog – Mustard Seed  (Mustardseed-Becky.blogspot.com)


Today I sewed the rows of the Christmas Tumbler together.

XmasTumblerflimsy 003

I went through my limited stash of Christmas fabrics to find a good border.  I picked out a red stripe for a small inner border and a flowery Christmas fabric for the outer border.  There isn’t much of the Christmas fabric, so that border will be just 3-1/2 inches – if there is even that much!

XmasTumblerflimsy 008

If there is not enough for the borders, I’m not going to worry myself about it as I got an email from the LQS today announcing that all Christmas fabric is 30% off.  Sounds like a good deal to me!


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