Cookie Day

Every year the women at my church bake thousands of cookies for our annual fund raiser, a Cookie Walk.  The cookies have to be at church by 4:00pm tomorrow, so today was my day to bake. 

cookies 2011 001

I started in on the first batch and didn’t make it very far.  Recently I threw out my very old hand mixer that had a frayed (and dangerous) cord.  I bought a bargain hand mixer (don’t remember where) and when I started mixing today I was upset to find that the hand mixer was defective.  Although there were 10 speeds on the dial, it only worked at full speed.  My batter was flying all over the kitchen!!!!

Since I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid or maybe a Bosch, I went to the computer to see where I might find them – today – at a bargain price.  Kitchen Aid was totally out of my budget range, but the BHG was also well built like a Kitchen Aid and more reasonably priced.  So I went to the nearest store and purchased my very first stand mixer.

cookies 2011 004

Oh my, what a world of difference.  I have no idea where I will store this huge and very heavy piece of equipment, but it is here to stay.  I love it. 

I made five batches of cookies, two of which are pictured here.

cookies 2011 003

Although I was tempted many, many times, I only tasted one small cookie.  It was good.  Very good.  I had to put plastic wrap on the trays right away so that I would not be tempted again.  I usually eat the broken cookies, but wouldn’t you know it, not one cookie broke today. 

Everything went so well that I just might make a few more batches tomorrow morning.  After all, I need to get my money’s worth out of the new mixer!


4 thoughts on “Cookie Day

  1. Just one cookie! You're good! And congrats on the mixer … My KitchenAid should have come to live at your house for as little use it gets here, but when you need it, it's fabulous. Happy Cookie Walk!!

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