Snow Day

Yes, it finally snowed here in the northwest suburban area of Chicago.  This is looking out the screen of my back porch.

MB start quilt 007

There was a lot more cutting of fabric today in my Quilt Studio.  Last night my niece spent the evening with me, using the AccuQuilt Go Cutter to cut tumblers.  While she cut, I put a sampling of squares for my cousin’s quilts up on the design wall.  We both agreed that there was too much green and not enough of the gold and red.  She helped me pick out some fabrics from my stash and today I cut more squares.

MB start quilt 001

There are gold, green, red and three fabrics that combine the red and gold.

Up on the design wall they are getting closer to the look I want – and I threw in a row of sashing to see how that will look.

MB start quilt 006

The picture is a little fuzzy and the colors are not true, but I’m starting to be happy with the fabric choices.  Maybe tonight I can get a row all complete.  First I have to cut a lot of 2-1/2 inch strips for the sashing.


I also cut out some squares of muslin and batting to make “sandwiches” for machine quilting practice.  Although I will never try to quilt bed quilts on my domestic machine, it would be nice to be more proficient at machine quilting for doing small quilts.  The experts keep saying “practice, practice, practice.” 

MB start quilt 004


When I got tired of standing at the cutting table, I took breaks to knit a few rows on various knitting projects.

MB start quilt 005


My niece and I talked for hours about all of our projects – unfinished, in process, next, and dreamed about.  It is impossible to be bored when you quilt, knit and/or stitch.

How fortunate I am to be able to stay home on a snowy day and work on my projects!


One thought on “Snow Day

  1. Hi Bonnie! It's enjoyable to see your projects.:) Alas, It is stirring in me a conviction to plug in my sewing machine and whip up something for my girls from the stack of fabric that has been patiently waiting for a touch for two years ! 🙂 Oh dear. That's awful, isn't it? Lol! ~Melissa Scott /realmom8 P.S. I don't see any opportunitiies on your blog to follow by email. Maybe I just missed it.

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