The Math

As followers of my blog know, I am making two quilts for my cousin.  Here is one top completed except for the borders.

MB's #1 together 001

Now I am working on the second top.  I feel like my progress has been very slow.  Of course I do not work on these quilts 8 hours a day.  Some days I’m lucky if I get an hour at the sewing machine and some days I don’t sew at all.  But still……………..this is a simple quilt pattern and I felt like it should be going much faster, so I decided to do the math.  (I’m a retired accountant.)  There are 512 pieces in this top which means there are four sides to each of those pieces that has to be sewn, or 2,048 seams (be they small or not) and each of those seams has to be ironed.  Then when it is time to sew the long rows of blocks to the long rows of sashing, it all has to be  very carefully pinned, then carefully sewn, then ironed again.  And of course the whole process needs to be done twice for two quilts.  Looking at it this way I can be OK with my slow progress.  Besides –  1.  It is for my cousin who I love, and she loves me and forgives me my slowness, 2. I love working with the colors and fabrics, 3.  It gives me purpose in my sewing, 4.  It keeps me from eating popcorn and doing jigsaw puzzles all day!!! 


4 thoughts on “The Math

  1. I Love it!!!! It turned out so great!!! The color combination is really good. Now that you know how you want to lay it out I bet the second one will go faster.

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