Out of order UFO Challenge

Judy’s 2012 UFO Challenge pick for March was #8.  Hmmm, that one on my list would have been impossible to finish this month so instead I finished the quilt listed as #7 on my list.  I figure as long as I finish one project a month, I’m doing OK and meeting the challenge.  I’ve shown this quilt before, but now it is quilted, bound, and hanging in my hallway – a true finish.
Checkerboard houses 001
The pattern is from June 2008 issue of AllPeopleQuilt.Com and the designer is Avis Shirer of Joined At The Hip.  The pattern is called “Hometown Parade”.  I renamed my quilt “Checkerboard Houses”.
Checkerboard houses 002
In my possession is a Grandma Moses print of The Old Checkered House, a famous painting with a red and white checkerboard farm house.  I’ve always loved this print and have wanted to do checkerboard houses on a quilt for a long time. 
Grandma Moses print 001
I’m hoping Judy picks #4 for April.  Why?  Because I already have that one done!!!!

7 thoughts on “Out of order UFO Challenge

  1. Love this quilt and thank you for sharing it with us. We also enjoy unstructured days and find that we look at our "Day-of-the-Week" clock more than our "Time-of-the-Day clock. Enjoy your days and warmest wishes from one retiree to another. Judy C

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