Shopping with friends

This past week my dear friends were here for a visit.  They have been visiting me every year (now twice a year) for at least 35 years.  We have such a good time together that we hate for the visit to end.

Shopping and eating are high on the agenda, along with sitting around the breakfast table and Show-N-Tell time in the evening.

They brought along this Timeless Treasures fabric for me, a sweet Bunny kit and a placemat pattern.

Tumbleweedsspring2012 001

We all get along so well together when we shop – some hitting the boutiques for clothes and jewelry while others of us hit the quilt shops and book stores.


This is fabric I got at one fabric store – children’s prints for pillowcases and the beginning of a polka dot collection.

Tumbleweedsspring2012 002


At another quilt shop I purchased this fabulous turquoise batik and some words fabrics.  Also expensive thread (I keep running out of this color), a pigma pen, and some walnut shells.  Why the walnut shells?  I saw something recently that I wanted to make that required stuffing with walnut shells.  Of course I don’t remember what that something was, but now I am prepared when next I might need them!!!

Tumbleweedsspring2012 003


At the book store I picked out two Maggie Sefton mysteries that I have not read – in a “Knitting Mystery” series.  Good series.

Tumbleweedsspring2012 004

The gals are gone now with the promise that they will be back in October.  It is time for me to get back to my regular life, my quilt UFOs, my stitching and knitting, and my reading.  Retirement is lovely.


2 thoughts on “Shopping with friends

  1. How fun! I loved reading this post and seeing all the things that called to you to bring them home. The titles on the knitting novels cracked me up 🙂 So fun!Christine

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