Scrappy Happy

This quilt started out with 6-1/2 X 9-1/2 rectangles, then when I made a mistake cutting some of the rectangles, I had to add a strip down the center to make it 6-1/2.  I liked the strip and re-did all the rectangles to include a strip down the middle, but again made a mistake and the 9-1/2 had to be cut down to 6-1/2 – scrappy squares.  I just grabbed strips for the centers so they range in size from 1-1/2 to 2-1/2.  Because I cut down the squares, the quilt wasn’t big enough so I added some plain squares. 

booked quilt 001

For the border I picked out some old book fabric, added some spacers for interest and used some alphabet fabric for the corners.

booked quilt 003

It sure is different than what I started out to make, but I like the scrappy, busyness of this little quilt.

booked quilt 004

Now I need to pick out a backing and binding.  And I should clean the quilt studio and organize the mess of scraps and work on binding for Moe and make some more Anita’s Arrowhead blocks and pull out a UFO to complete and…………umm……maybe I will just do some knitting tonight and put everything else off for another day.


Anita’s Arrowhead Block

One of the gals in my Bee group made several quilts using this block and the method to make this block titled Anita’s Arrowhead.  It was featured in Quitmaker magazine and was a free download when I printed it.

Anita block 001

I was very happy with the result and enjoyed the process of making the block.  Some people are so clever and figure out an easy method to make a difficult looking block.  Thanks Anita for sharing your expertise and thanks Gail for recommending it to our group.


Dust, piles, projects

There are some days when I just get overwhelmed with too much to do and what to do next.

My bedroom windows all have these kind of blinds and they all need dusting badly.

office 001


There is a pile of papers next to my computer that needs attention.  (The yellow pad is for notes, the remote is the paper-weight, the prescription needs to be filled, the card needs to be mailed, there are checks to be mailed , and more bills to be paid.)

office 002

Then there are the hundreds of quilting, stitching, and knitting projects, not to mention cards I want to make.  It would also be great if I had the initiative to start cleaning out unnecessary stuff of which there is much. 

I’m feeling overwhelmed this Monday morning and am immobilized by so many choices.  The clock tells me that it is almost time for lunch and that is the easiest decision of the day, so I will go fix my lunch and think about how to use my afternoon.

white paper


My niece brought me an adorable container of little pink roses to honor me on Mother’s Day.

flowers2012 001

At church, the young people passed out pink and white carnations to all the women.

flowers2012 004

And in my garden, the wonderful poppies decided to show off today.

flowers2012 006













Pink, white, orange and green………sounds like some wonderful colors for a quilt!


Drawing In My Journal

Every once in a while I get inspired to try my hand at drawing, or in my case it is more doodling.  I especially like the idea of adding my doodles to a journal.  Yesterday I came across a blog (Terri’s Notebook) that fascinated me with the artist’s creativeness. Be sure to visit her blog and scroll through the past year to see great pictures and lots of inspiration.
After reading her blog, I felt inspired to share some of my drawings/doodles.
drawing journal 001
drawing journal 002
drawing journal 003
Can you guess how I felt the day I drew this?

Recently I have tried my hand at Zentangles….
drawing journal 005
Drawing/doodling comes easy to some folks and is a challenge for others.  I’m in the “other” category and can therefore appreciate the wonderful artwork done by such artists as Terri.

More expert photos…..


My mother’s flower-garden quilt, which she never finished.  In the 70’s, I sent the quilt top to a church in California where a quilting group hand quilted it, with fluffy polyester batting.

Yes, I am in the shadow, so here is a close-up of me.


The fabric scraps are all from clothes my mother made. She sewed her own clothes, and clothes for my sister and me.


Those are REAL 30th’s fabrics!


A butterfly came for a visit. No nectar here little butterfly.



And lastly, another portrait picture……..


I had just come from the hairdresser where my natural color was restored!