Dust, piles, projects

There are some days when I just get overwhelmed with too much to do and what to do next.

My bedroom windows all have these kind of blinds and they all need dusting badly.

office 001


There is a pile of papers next to my computer that needs attention.  (The yellow pad is for notes, the remote is the paper-weight, the prescription needs to be filled, the card needs to be mailed, there are checks to be mailed , and more bills to be paid.)

office 002

Then there are the hundreds of quilting, stitching, and knitting projects, not to mention cards I want to make.  It would also be great if I had the initiative to start cleaning out unnecessary stuff of which there is much. 

I’m feeling overwhelmed this Monday morning and am immobilized by so many choices.  The clock tells me that it is almost time for lunch and that is the easiest decision of the day, so I will go fix my lunch and think about how to use my afternoon.

white paper

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