Scrappy Happy

This quilt started out with 6-1/2 X 9-1/2 rectangles, then when I made a mistake cutting some of the rectangles, I had to add a strip down the center to make it 6-1/2.  I liked the strip and re-did all the rectangles to include a strip down the middle, but again made a mistake and the 9-1/2 had to be cut down to 6-1/2 – scrappy squares.  I just grabbed strips for the centers so they range in size from 1-1/2 to 2-1/2.  Because I cut down the squares, the quilt wasn’t big enough so I added some plain squares. 

booked quilt 001

For the border I picked out some old book fabric, added some spacers for interest and used some alphabet fabric for the corners.

booked quilt 003

It sure is different than what I started out to make, but I like the scrappy, busyness of this little quilt.

booked quilt 004

Now I need to pick out a backing and binding.  And I should clean the quilt studio and organize the mess of scraps and work on binding for Moe and make some more Anita’s Arrowhead blocks and pull out a UFO to complete and…………umm……maybe I will just do some knitting tonight and put everything else off for another day.


3 thoughts on “Scrappy Happy

  1. Love the book border!! Looks just like a shelf full of good reading – so grab a good book and snuggle with the quilt!! Cool!

  2. Ha! I love the long journey you went on with this one. That's a lot of creative problem solving! So glad you shared it with us. It turned out beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love how this quilt turned out. Sometimes the road in life is hard with bumps and turns and errors along the way… this quilt is an example of how life can go.

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