Every month I have two deadlines.  An Artistic Trading Card group has a specific deadline each month and a Postcard Trading group has a “sometime during the month” deadline. 

Every month as I face these two deadlines I fight with myself over the argument as to whether my work is considered “art” or “craft” – art being more desirable/uppity and craft being more………..well, lowly.  Now where did I get that attitude and why can’t I make it go away? 

Here is a link to the ATC’s from last month.  Can you pick out my crafty one as opposed to the other artistic ones?  Probably not. 

And here is a picture of the postcards from last month….

postcards 002

Which one is mine????  All three could have been done by me as I am always trying to measure up or going on a diet, but the May Binding is mine because I had a stack of quilts to bind in May and those are pieces of leftover bindings .

So am I an artist or a crafter?  I think I will compromise and be a crafty artist.  In love

Time Clockto go work on my deadlines for June.


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