Quilts installed

The quilts I made for my cousin have been delivered and installed.


This is a picture of one of them (there are two) which matches the painting above and the little rug to the side.  I have a picture of the other side of the room with the other bed and the matching chair, but that picture is on my cell phone and it is in the other room and I don’t feel like going and getting it right now.  (Talk about lazy!)

My cousin now wants to paint the walls as her walls are still the builder neutral.

I’m very happy with how the quilts look in the room and my cousin and her husband seem to be happy too – except for the fact that it emphasizes the need for painting the walls.  Green with envy


2 thoughts on “Quilts installed

  1. Stunning!! It's so fun to see them in their new home. You did such an amazing job with these, and I loved following along with you on the blog as you put them together. A great blog saga!Christine

  2. This is the ECSTATIC cousin who loves and adores her cousin Bonnie and is grateful beyond measure for these wonderful quilts!!! The room is becoming warm and welcoming and Bonnie has a huge hand in that. Now, wall paint … not me forte! Need HELP!!!

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