Bee Group

Bee group is at my house tonight and even though it is not October yet, I decided to get some of my Halloween themed quilts on display.  At the front door is my new banner.

Fall2012 006

And as you enter the house you will see this blonde witch wall-hanging made by a friend.

Fall2012 008

On the dining room table is my patchwork pumpkin quilt.

Fall2012 009

And on the quilt rack in the living room is my all-time favorite Halloween quilt made many, many years ago.

Fall2012 010

Looking forward to see what wonderful Show-N-Tell my Bee friends bring tonight!


Nice words

Yesterday I took a boat ride on Geneva Lake (Wisconsin) with church friends.  We were on the upper deck of the famous mail boat where the wind blew and we sat shivering in our summer jackets.

Forgetting about the fierce wind and it’s affect on my hair, I was surprised to see myself in the Ladies’ Room mirror with my fly-away hair-do.  “Oh no!” I exclaimed.  The woman at the end, washing her hands, asked, “what’s wrong?”  I said, “my hair is a mess!”   She said, “Gee, I was just thinking how beautiful you look.”

I’ll carry those nice words with me for a long time.