Thoughts on Sunday

1.  Even though I knew that my “what will people think” way of living was not good, I still forced myself to wash my dishes in case someone stopped by, make my bed in case someone might see my mussed up sheets, clean my house when company was coming, and put things away because I heard the echo of my mother’s voice saying “pick up your room Bonnie”.  Yesterday, at my advanced age, it suddenly dawned on me that I liked my bed made, I like having the dishes washed, I like having things put away.  It was an A-HA moment realizing that the chore of cleaning for someone else was replaced by the joy of  cleaning for my benefit.
2.  My quilt studio is quite large and is in the basement.  I can leave it a mess when I am in the midst of a project.  I prefer it nice and neat, but it is very difficult to work on a quilt project and have everything neat at the same time.  The same is true when I make cards.  But I still prefer it all cleaned up.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Sunday

  1. Hello from New Zealand. i stumbled upon your blog today and was really taken with your profile introduction. I have seven years to go until I am retirement age and I'm already looking forward to it! Thanks for a wonderful blog.

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