Blog envy

Some bloggers that I follow post several times a day, some daily, and some weekly.  I envy those bloggers because they are consistent.  I, on the other hand, am very inconsistent, blogging in spurts and sometimes not blogging at all for weeks on end.  Not promising anything, but I really am going to try to blog more often…….maybe.

birthdaypuzzle 002

You see, it is embarrassing to blog about putting another jigsaw puzzle together when you have endless UFOs waiting to be finished. 

What have I been working on?  Here is my latest project – all ready to be quilted.  It is a banner for my church and will be used on Christmas Eve.


Some of the holly leaves are dimensional. There is a star in the center of the upper circle which will have gold thread hand sewn around it after quilting and maybe the flames also.  (For those that might not know, the three purple candles, one pink candle and one white candle make up what is called an Advent Wreath.)  I made the candles oversized because this banner will be seen from a distance.


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