Kaye England

My niece and I took a three day class with Kaye England at a local shop.  We learned a lot about grids and figuring out the math to make most blocks.  Kaye used her Double Dozen book as an exercise for us to learn grid/block math.  Here are the blocks I made.
photo (17)
The one in the middle, far right, and the one at the top center I never would have attempted without the clear instructions and help from Kaye.
My niece was also very successful in her learning process and getting her blocks made.  Go visit her blog – Mustard Seed – to see her excellent blocks.
However, with all the UFOs already on my list, I’m afraid I will add this project to next year’s UFO list and safely keep it in a container.
photo (18)
On my To Do list each month are Artist’s Trading Cards and Postcards.  Here are my postcards for November, with the message on the back of “May your house be filled with the smell of turkey, the sound of laughter, and the heart of thankfulness.”
photo (16)
Those white spots are glitter.  I love glitter.  Glitter gets put on all my greeting cards, my ATCs and my postcards.  There is glitter all over my craft table.  It’s OK.  Glitter makes me smile.

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