Tuesday and Tea

Tuesday is my regular day to volunteer at church.  I rushed to my job early this morning so that I could be finished by noon as the Pastor was taking the church staff (paid and volunteer) out to a Christmas celebration lunch.  We went to a very nice Italian restaurant, had appetizers, a lovely lunch, and dessert.  We ate, talked, and laughed.  I had parmesan crusted onions, a salad, and for dessert I had Steven Smith’s Lord Bergamot tea and peppermint gelato.  I was very impressed with the tea.  It was fragrant, smooth, and so delicious.

After lunch I stopped at Target to get a K-cup holder,

photo (67)

and picked up a magazine too.  Just what I need – more ideas of things to make!!!

photo (68)

One of the gals today gave me a unique Christmas card.  It was a punch-out that you make into an ornaments.  I had fun punching out the pieces and putting it all together.

photo (70)

Since I don’t have a regular Christmas tree on which to hang this ornament,  it went right on the mantel.

photo (69)

photo (27)

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