photo (79)

Yes, someone guessed a dresser.  It is an unfinished three-drawer dresser/chest from Ikea.  It is real wood, nicely made, but came in a box in a lot of pieces.  It was not easy to put together.

It is for extra storage at my card-making section of the basement.

photo (80)

It needs to be stained or finished or painted, but that will happen after the holidays.  It now houses ribbons and other small items.

photo (78)

photo (81)

Did I put it together?  Oh my NO.  Fortunately for me, my cousin and her husband are here visiting.  She helped me move it from the Ikea warehouse section to my car, and he put it together while I sang, “It’s so nice to have a man around the house.”

photo (27)

3 thoughts on “Reveal

  1. Like it was made to be there, in THAT spot! I wonder how you will complete it … will you be conservative and stain it or be wild and paint it boldly!

  2. It fits the space perfectly. In New Zealand those are always called Chest of Drawers (sometimes a Tall Boy or a Low Boy ????) so I wondered what a dresser was. Now I know

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