Today’s details

After working at church today, I had a dental appointment.


It was a mouth numbing experience!

This time there was no chatty woman in the waiting room, however, when I stopped at Walgreen’s on the way home, a woman stopped me and asked me what I thought was the best shoe insert for her aching heal.  She explained in detail about her foot experiences, good and bad, her workout routine, the fact that she just had her second baby, and the kinds of shoes she has been buying.  On and on she talked.  I kept saying, “well, good luck” and trying to walk away, but she followed me and continued talking.

clipart woman talking

So my day consisted of volunteer work, dental work, wacky woman, and finally getting home where I spent the evening paying bills.   The day was OK, but as a quilter, I would rather have been sewing!


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