My niece gave me this adorable snowman decoration.  I love his bow tie and his hat decoration of thread spools.

photo (95)

A friend from church made up a very special package of hand-made soaps wrapped in vintage wallpaper.  The paper is from a kitchen in Iowa and is 72 years old.  She also put it in a very nice Pyrex container!

photo (96)

Very carefully I unwrapped one of the soaps to see the paper better.  Please note that it says “washable” on the edge.

photo (97)

Very thoughtful and original gifts ! ! !


I finished my first jigsaw puzzle of this holiday season.

photo (94)

This is a puzzle from the Dollar Store.  I like them because they are small and fit easily on my dining room table – 500 pieces – and they interlock.  There is also a pattern to the pieces – a long shape next to a short shape – which makes it easier for me to find similarly colored pieces.  I line up the longs and shorts and try to fit them one after the other.  Eventually the right one fits.  Some people would not think that was fun, but to me it is an enjoyable challenge.

photo (27)

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