Cold, tired, no sewing

It was very cold at church today where I do my volunteer job.  The boiler was not working and although the pastor put a space heater next to my desk, my legs were toasty but the rest of me was very chilly.


The repairman came in the afternoon and by the time I left, the heat was back on again.

After work I went grocery shopping in the hopes of loading up with enough food to last until after New Year’s Day. 


It looks like a lot of food, but of course after I got home I discovered two things I forgot.  One I will live without and the other is refreshments for the coffee hour at church on Sunday, so it looks like I will have to go to the store again on Saturday.  Whoopee.

Long tiring day for me.  No sewing.  No knitting.  However, sewing and knitting are on my schedule for tomorrow.  (Smile)


2 thoughts on “Cold, tired, no sewing

  1. We all have those days! Luckily they get averaged out by the wonderful and lovely days we have. Rest well … there's quilting waiting for your talented hands!

  2. I do that too! I have a Japanese friend arriving tomorrow morning from Tokyo and she loves to visit supermarkets. So guess where we will be tomorrow afternoon?? Happy New Year to you.

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