Books and a puzzle

It was almost 3:00pm by the time I got home from church and lunch with a group of church friends.  I had one project in mind for the afternoon and I got right to it.  You see, I have a Kindle and I also subscribe to Pixel of Ink which is a daily email which lists free Kindle books.  Well, I knew I had a ton of books on my Kindle that are unread and I don’t even remember why I thought I might like to read them.  So I went to my Kindle account and printed off the list of books I had downloaded in 2012, crossed off those that I read, and then listed the unread ones along with the description (abbreviated) from Amazon.  There were 26 unread books from 2012.   Now my goal is to read these books before downloading any more. 


(Tomorrow I am doing the quilt project inventory – what I finished in 2012 and what I hope to finish in 2013.  My niece, who works full time and has a family to take care of, listed her 2012 finishes and it is very impressive.  I’m retired and my list  will not be any where near as impressive.)

This evening PBS had several wonderful programs on, so I decided to do another puzzle while enjoying good drama.  This puzzle was an easy one.



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