2012 report and 2013 plans

Even though I try very hard to be organized, sometime during the year I lost track of my quilting progress.  As best I can determine, I finished 9 of the UFO’s I listed last year, and on top of that I made two twin-size quilts for my cousin, four Christmas quilts for friends, a banner for church, a banner for my front porch, and did binding for friends.  There might have been a table runner and some small zipper bags too.  Did not keep track of my knitting and I don’t think I did any counted cross-stitch at all.  However I did participate monthly in an Artist’s Trading Card exchange and a postcard exchange.  I dabbled in making cards and some fictional writing too.

My quilting goals for 2013 include finishing up 7 almost-finished quilts, participate in Judy’s Comfort & Joy project (along with my niece), and work with my niece on making a quilt for a gift.  On my Hope-to-Do-in-2013 list are 14 quilts in various stages from an idea, to a kit, to fabrics gathered and blocks begun.  Then there are 7 very old UFO’s that I’m not ready to give up on.  I just need quiet time and energy to continue the work as they are not easy projects.  Lastly, one quilt is being quilted so that will only need binding.  Wait…..have to add the Artist’s Trading Cards and the Postcards I do each month.

In going over all this, I decided also that I will not take on any big knitting projects this year.  The sweater that I am knitting and hope to finish in the next week, took way too much time and money.  I think I will stick to scarves if I do any knitting at all.  I would really love to get back to some counted cross-stitch this year as I have lots of patterns already kitted up.

Now, with all of the above, plus my reading goals from yesterday, plus my volunteer job at church, you will NEVER hear me complain that I am bored.  Life is good and full and fun and I am blessed beyond measure.


Now for Judy’s Get It Done Challenge –  for January 2013…

1.  Finish knitted sweater

2.  Finish gift quilt top (with niece Becky).

3.  Do ATC and Postcard monthly challenges

4.  Sew bow-tie blocks together.

5.  Sew borders on Riley Blake fabric quilt.


And of course my last jigsaw puzzle for the holiday season 2012…..


Happy New Year ! ! ! !


6 thoughts on “2012 report and 2013 plans

  1. My ambitious cousin!!! You've done much and plan to do more – yes, you are blessed and you are a blessing!! I'm blessed with many of your quilts gracing my home! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Wow you did do a lot during 2012. You even forgot to incude the Farmer's Wife Blocks and the Kaye England Double Dozen blocks.2013 will be fun to work together on a few projects !!! 🙂

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