A little sewing

There wasn’t much free time in my day after a dental appointment (very expensive), back at church to work (got the W-2’s printed) , and watching some quilting lessons online (Anita Grossman Solomon), but I did manage a little sewing – on binding.

librarybinding1I usually go to bed early and get up early.  I wish I could get up early and stay up late.  I might get more sewing done.  But I do enjoy sleeping!




Tiring day

It was another busy day at church.   There were software problems and payroll problems.  But then the pastor received a box of cookies from Australia and shared them with the staff.   Yummy.







It will be an early night for me.  I hear Mr. Bear calling.

Retreat Week



Phone calls

On my To-Do list today was a list of phone calls to make.  This list as been hanging around for two weeks.  I don’t particularly enjoy making phone calls – especially the ones that involve choosing menu items or explaining a problem.  I was determined to get those calls crossed off my To-Do list today.  So I am happy to report that every single one of those calls has been completed and crossed off my list.



Making these calls also filled up my calendar for the rest of the week with appointments – dentist, mammogram, etc.  All that fun stuff.

Then to add to a rip-roaring day, I gathered all my papers together for the Income Tax Preparation.  Might as well get all the non-quilting chores done in one day.  Perhaps I can fit some sewing time in later this week.

Sunday sleet….

After church, a church dinner, and the church annual meeting, I headed home in a sleet storm.  I was happy to pull into the garage.

Since I did nothing of note today (in the craft category), I decided to show you an old quilt that I made that is still one of my favorites.


It is a mix of scrap squares, sashed in white with black cornerstones,  and a black & white floral border which is then finished with a striped binding.  It just makes me happy to see all those mixed-up fabrics.






Today I finished the binding on Moe’s quilt….

cowboyquiltThis quilt has the cutest fabric – a rodeo riding cowboy which Moe fussy cut, then put bandanna fabric for the sashing with denim cornerstones.

cowboyThe binding is bandanna fabric also.



Besides some mundane chores of laundry and cleaning out the refrigerator, I found time to do a little more work on my Quaker counted cross-stitch.


New Book




A Fine Friday –

This morning I got my hair done – color and cut.



After lunch, I was just about to settle down in my comfy chair and work on binding when the phone rang.  It was my friend, Aline, asking if I would like to go to the local Museum to see the current quilt display.  The museum is small, but we were the only people there and that allowed us to study each and every quilt.  There were quilts with excellent workmanship and quilts with amateur workmanship – and they were all wonderful to study and enjoy.


Have you noticed all the blogging-quilters that are doing Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trip Around the World?  I decided to try making one block tonight and ended up making two blocks because they were easy and fun to make.

Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trip Around the World - two blocks

Bonnie Hunter’s Scrappy Trip Around the World – two blocks

Getting pampered at the beauty shop in the morning, enjoying quilts in the afternoon with a friend, and making some easy colorful blocks in the evening – yes it was a Fine Friday.

New Book


One of those days…..

Everything was going along smoothly today.  My volunteer job at church went well.  I had time to go to the local quilt shop to purchase some polka dot fabric as the backing for my Anita’s Arrowhead Block quilt.


Then it was time to head over to my doctor’s office for a routine check-up.  Quite unexpectedly the doctor decided to do a little minor surgery quick before I could think about it.  Ouch.  It was quick, but painful.  The walk from the doctor’s office to my car, across a big  parking lot, in the bitter cold, was very uncomfortable.  It was the perfect time to feel sorry for myself and a good time to figure out how to pamper myself.  I stopped at a drug store on the way home and bought two magazines.  Now I will go to bed early and slowly thumb through pages of glossy print while my body heals itself.