So it begins…

After working at church today, I came home tired and had to push myself to get involved in a project.  I first worked on a piece of drawing artwork for my January Artist’s Trading Card idea – a nice sitting-at-the-desk task.

But the world of sewing was calling to me and I went downstairs to the Quilt Studio to look at the instructions for the Comfort & Joy quilt project.  My niece is going to do it also and I kind of want to be one step ahead of her in case she has questions.  Once she does her first bit of applique, I know she will take off and far surpass me, but for now I want to be prepared to help her.  Reading the instructions was just not enough…….I needed to begin…….and so I did.  Here are some of the components of Block #1.


I’m taking all the fabric from my scrap bins.  It will be colorful.  As I pick out each fabric, they are filled with memories of other quilts, people and sewing times.  One fabric is leftover from a quilt challenge with my sister and the fabric was purchased by my brother.  Both my brother and my sister are now gone, so this scrap of fabric is extra special to me. 


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