Happy Dance time

Yes, I am doing a Happy Dance that the sweater is finally DONE.  I sewed it all together today and steam blocked it.  Two pictures follow – one of the sweater that is arranged well enough that you cannot see the many, many mistakes.  However, the color is not right.  So the other picture shows the color better.  Neither picture is the true color as it is more a deep royal blue.

sweater done

sweater true color

My niece came over tonight for supper and an evening of planning and discussing quilt projects.  What fun to share this quilting passion with her! 


6 thoughts on “Happy Dance time

  1. WHOO HOO!! You did it! That was not a simple pattern and mistakes or not, you finished it, you have a sweater you made and be proud that you started and completed the project!And I agree, the color is not either of these photos. Enjoy your handiwork!

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