Inauguration Day

The job of Web Content Program Manager (impressive title) at church is now mine.  The job will not officially start until our new website is launched.  That gives me time to study Word Press some more.  I want to be prepared and educated.  Therefore I have spent the majority of this day reading Word Press The Missing Manual and trying out different options while watching the Inauguration proceedings.


There are 500 some pages to this book and I have reached page 201.  So much to learn.  I am impressed though with the program and the ease of use.  I have imported all my previous posts from my latest blogger account.  (There have been many.)  The arduous task of categorizing all those posts will be left for later – perhaps after I organize all my pictures ! (ha ha).  Or after I finish all my quilt projects!  Or use up all my fabric!

2 thoughts on “Inauguration Day

  1. A+ student and a self-study too!! I’d still be at the bookstore agonizing over which reference book to buy for WordPress!!!

  2. Congratulations on your new job. Will you still have time for your sewing and quilting??? Sure do enjoy your posts. greetings from Arizona. hope you are staying warm!!!!! Love Beth

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