March Get It Done List

Judy’s Get It Done Challenge continues and I have finished everything on my February list.  The item “potholders for my cousin” is done but not to my standards by any means.  The binding was a real challenge and I do not have the patience to work on it slowly and precisely.  My cousin understands for which I am very grateful.  I shall send her these far-less-than-perfect potholders because they are functional, but I encourage her to keep them hidden in a drawer and if they don’t work or she doesn’t care for them, I also encourage her to throw them in the waste bin.  So here is a picture, from far away, of the two potholders.  They are the oval shaped brown items kinda in the center.

potholdersfinalAnd here is my February list all finished –

1.  Do ATC and Postcard monthly challenges

2.  Do Craftsy Block-of-the-Month for February

3.  Do block #2 of Comfort and Joy quilt

4.  Make potholders for my cousin.  Less than perfect, but done.

5.  Make two more Trip Around The World blocks.

6.  Finish Quaker counted cross-stitch piece.

And my March list –

1.  Moe’s Binding
2.  March postcard exchange
3.  Block #3 of Comfort & Joy
4.  Block #3 of Craftsy Block-of-the-Month
5.  Finish two counted cross-stitch smalls.
My March list is fairly easy as I have so many other things to do in March that are NOT quilt or craft related.  Life is busy with good things and I’m thankful.
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What to do next….

The last thing on my February Get-It-Done list is the potholders for my cousin.  I have put off doing them because the last attempt was a complete failure and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to try again.  But I couldn’t do anything else because they were on my mind.  Our minds can drive us crazy some times!  So I made another attempt tonight and although it is still not right, I think I know where I made my mistake and will try again tomorrow with a lot more enthusiasm.  Here is my cutting table with my long list of UFO’s, my potholder in progress, a binding project for friend Moe, and an idea for how to finish some counted cross-stitch pieces.

cutting tableAnd speaking of project ideas, here is an overhead view of a big tote full of plastic bags with fabric and patterns of ideas I want to do – someday.  I wonder if any other quilters have UFO’s and project ideas.  (Ha ha)

bag of ideas


In the mean time, I did get a little more done on my current knitted cowl.

cowl2Sometimes it is very hard to decide what to do next.

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Missed a Day

Monday seemed to fly by and I forgot to post anything to this blog.  Of course there wasn’t much to post.  I did a lot of computer work, no crafting work, and I baked a cake.  It is a practice cake for an upcoming shower.  The cake needed to be gluten free.  My niece gave me a recipe for an orange gluten free cake and it turned out pretty good.  The cake is not light and fluffy, more dense, but has a very nice flavor and the frosting is a very sweet creamy orange.  As you can see, I had a slice to taste it.


Today I worked at church as usual, but left early as we are having a major snow storm right now.  You are welcome to come and sit on my front porch bench to watch the storm.  Doesn’t it look cozy and inviting?

benchTonight calls for a fire in the fireplace and some serious knitting.


Snowman.JPG   Bonnie

Two new projects

Yes, I started two new projects today.  I was so pleased with my recent knitted scarf and how it keeps my neck warm that I spent a good amount of time today on Ravelry looking at cowl patterns.  I finally picked one out that called for sock yarn.  The socks I started recently were not fun to knit.  I didn’t want to waste the yarn, so now I am knitting a cowl with the sock yarn.  I had to stop after eight rows though because the pattern called for changing to size 3 needles.  The only size 3 needles I had were in one of those interchangeable kits and wouldn’t you know, the size 3 tips would not screw properly into the cables.  So I put the knitting aside until I can go shopping.

My next new project was starting another Quaker counted cross-stitch.  These are so much fun to do – and easy!

It snowed here last night so instead of working down in my cold studio space where I cannot see out any windows, I chose to work upstairs where I can see the beautiful snow out my front window.







Scarf finished

Today I finished knitting a simple scarf.  Yarn is Noro “Taiyo”.

coloredscarf scarfonneckHave you ever tried to take a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror with your iPad?  Not easy.  I made the scarf into a round that doubles around my neck for extra warmth and so that I could re-arrange the colors depending on what I am wearing.

It is very, very cold where I live.  It will be nice to cuddle under the blankets tonight.



Not home today

Since I was not home for most of the day and evening, I didn’t have any sewing/knitting/stitching to show in my blog.  Instead I quickly took some pictures of my button pictures.  Years ago I made up these little framed pieces combining some of my buttons with counted cross-stitch borders.  (Please excuse the poor photography.)

buttons1 buttons2 buttons3 buttons4It is good to take another look at the them as I think they are kinda nice.  I may decide to do some more one of these days.

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What Did Bonnie Do Today?

What did Bonnie do today?  Made a backing for the Sweetwater Noteworthy quilt (didn’t take a picture) and the binding (also did not take a picture).  Did three loads of laundry – no pictures.  Machine sewed the binding unto my little black and white quilt that Moe recently quilted.  Now I have to do the hand sewing part (my favorite part).

b&wbindingAlso did a little work on my new part-time job this evening, but I think I need to assign morning time for that job.  It takes a clear head and thinking energy which is pretty much diminished by evening.  Instead I have been doing  some clean-up on my computer, getting rid of unnecessary files and doing a little photo organizing.  Tedious work, but it would make me very happy to have my computer files more organized.

That’s what Bonnie did today, and now she is going to go to bed and read.