Disjointed day

My day, some trimming….

and sewing, but I got tired of the trimming project and moved on to another project, but made a mistake and didn’t feel in the mood to correct my mistake right then and there, so I moved on to another project – and did the laundry – and answered emails, and read a book, and picked up some knitting.  A very disjointed day.

And speaking of knitting……..when I am not tackling a sweater or socks, I have little bags with scarves in process.  I can grab these little bags when going to a meeting or when I just want something easy to do. 


Our choir at church is small and the director asked me to fill in the next three Sundays while one of the altos is on vacation.  So I spent time today at the piano, picking out my part, and singing until my voice got hoarse.

There wasn’t  concentrated focus on any one project today.  Maybe that is why it felt so disjointed.  However, I know that I can easily focus on sleep.





2 thoughts on “Disjointed day

  1. I have disjointed days too – even when I am at work and have that schedule to keep me “jointed”. Today I am waiting waiting waiting for the clock to get to 5pm!

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