Two new projects

Yes, I started two new projects today.  I was so pleased with my recent knitted scarf and how it keeps my neck warm that I spent a good amount of time today on Ravelry looking at cowl patterns.  I finally picked one out that called for sock yarn.  The socks I started recently were not fun to knit.  I didn’t want to waste the yarn, so now I am knitting a cowl with the sock yarn.  I had to stop after eight rows though because the pattern called for changing to size 3 needles.  The only size 3 needles I had were in one of those interchangeable kits and wouldn’t you know, the size 3 tips would not screw properly into the cables.  So I put the knitting aside until I can go shopping.

My next new project was starting another Quaker counted cross-stitch.  These are so much fun to do – and easy!

It snowed here last night so instead of working down in my cold studio space where I cannot see out any windows, I chose to work upstairs where I can see the beautiful snow out my front window.







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