What to do next….

The last thing on my February Get-It-Done list is the potholders for my cousin.  I have put off doing them because the last attempt was a complete failure and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to try again.  But I couldn’t do anything else because they were on my mind.  Our minds can drive us crazy some times!  So I made another attempt tonight and although it is still not right, I think I know where I made my mistake and will try again tomorrow with a lot more enthusiasm.  Here is my cutting table with my long list of UFO’s, my potholder in progress, a binding project for friend Moe, and an idea for how to finish some counted cross-stitch pieces.

cutting tableAnd speaking of project ideas, here is an overhead view of a big tote full of plastic bags with fabric and patterns of ideas I want to do – someday.  I wonder if any other quilters have UFO’s and project ideas.  (Ha ha)

bag of ideas


In the mean time, I did get a little more done on my current knitted cowl.

cowl2Sometimes it is very hard to decide what to do next.

New Book



4 thoughts on “What to do next….

  1. OK, why are those flipping potholders so challenging??? I really don’t want to be adding to stress and taking your time away from fun projects so if this most recent attempt doesn’t bring success, STOP! It’s not worth it! So sorry for the frustration.

  2. I wish I were as organized as you are. This cowl pattern is interesting. I love the yarn and can’t wait to see the finished piece.

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