Two more barns

Of course you will all recognize the wonderful old barn at the Rubies’ farm in Cherry Valley…..

March Quilt Studio & Maundy Thurs 014


The second barn is the famous Red Door barn of Harold & Bessie’s where the annual county Fall Festival Barn Dance is held each year.  I think they have been hosting this dance for the last 30 years at least.  Poor Bessie can’t dance any more, but she sure enjoys watching everyone else move around the floor.

March Quilt Studio & Maundy Thurs 016Rumor has it that Bessie will have to go in for hip surgery soon, so the Baptist church has her at the top of the prayer list



Camera Shopping

It was time for me to get a new camera.  My old one worked well, but required batteries – regular batteries – and it felt like every ten pictures I took, the batteries needed replacing.  So I bought a Cannon Power Shot with a rechargeable battery – on sale!   Here are just a few shots taken around my house tonight in poor light … camera 002

new camera 004

new camera 005

new camera 006


Well, it works and it was just as easy to move the pictures from the camera to the computer as it was before.  Now I just need to learn how to take GOOD pictures!  Maybe I will get down to the Quilt Studio tomorrow and take some fabric related pictures.  That would be nice.


March postcards

Three of us exchange postcards monthly.  I showed two the other day along with my green nails.  The third card came in the mail the other day and I forgot to post it.  “March comes in like a lion……. and goes out like a lamb”.  That may be very true this year for the area in which I live.


LAMarchcard2Here are all three cards for March –

MarchcardsIt is only 34 degrees right now.  It sure feels like winter.  Predictions are that things will warm up by the end of the week just in time for Easter.  Spring will come.signaturedaisy

And another barn

Miss Smith is the music teacher at the local grade school.  She is married, but when she first started teaching she was Miss Smith and the name has stuck in spite of her current marital status.  She also gives private voice and piano lessons at her home out on Hwy. B.  In order for her students to find her easily, her husband painted the barn a shocking pink and added some music motifs.  There is also a Zebra in the loft window.  When I asked Miss Smith about the Zebra, she laughed and said it was a secret between her and her husband.  Hmmmm.  Wonder what that is all about……

musicbarnSpeaking of secrets, I worked on one today.  It involved glitter.  I now have glitter glued to my hands and embedded in my jeans.  I don’t mind because I love glitter.  It makes me smile.



Another Barn

Jake and Ivy are the owners of the local florist shop, Ivy’s Flowers.  They live out in the country and have a barn that has ivy growing on the sides and is decorated with flower paintings.  We all think Ivy is a genius with flowers.

ivybarnAnd speaking of flowers, here are previous photos presented again using a photo editing app.  My friend Christine was here today for lunch and she shared her iPad knowledge with me.  She recommended some photo editing apps and I have had fun playing with them.  I especially like the ability to add words to the photos.



I wonder if Ivy would approve of my flower arrangements?

New Book


A Challenge

A friend gave me a challenge………..use this embroidered piece her mother made years ago as the center of a lap-sized quilt.  I think this is going to be fun.


It is very colorful, well made, sturdy, and will look good with a scrappy design (I hope).  What would you do?


I finished this little Quaker piece and will make it into another small as my first Spring piece.


Remember the huge flower arrangement from Sunday?  Well, some of the flowers were beginning to wilt, so I took it apart and made little vases of flowers to scatter around the house.


My next project is to clean out my IN box.  Oh my.  It is about to topple over.

inboxBut first……………….I’ll get a good night’s sleep.


Christmas Barn

Last night I got an email from a lady in southern Indiana asking me if I was going to do a Christmas Barn.  Hmmm.  Hadn’t thought of that.  Seems she has a friend by the name of Noel who is married to Joseph Bethlehem.  Really.  They lived on a farm for the first ten years of their marriage and always wanted to paint the barn in Christmas colors.  Money was tight and they never got around to it, and then moved when he got a good job at the local John Deere dealership.  So this barn I created today is for Noel and Joseph Bethlehem.  It is a little gaudy, but then Christmas decorations can sometimes be very gaudy.



Up close it is not only gaudy, but kind of ugly (I think), and I planned to put it on the back of the quilt.  But when I put it with the other barn blocks, it doesn’t look that bad.  The jury is out on this one.



(Oops – the picture seems to be out of focus.  Sorry.  My camera skills could always use improvement.)



Bring a Friend Day

At church this morning, the theme was Bring A Friend.  It was my privilege to provide the flowers in  memory of my brother Ralph who was a wonderful friend to me.   This is a very old picture of Ralph and I (you can tell by my hair style), but the expression on his face, ready to burst out laughing, is a favorite of mine.

ralphandbonnieHere are the flowers at church – (poor picture taken with my phone)



And here they are at home on my dining room table – looking especially good with my batik table runner!

flowersSeeing these happy flowers makes me remember all the happy times I had with my brother, my friend.

New Book



Another Whimsical Barn

Bud and Melinda Sue had seven boys.  Melinda Sue kinda dreamed of being an artist, but with living on a farm and raising seven boys, the only art she was able to create was painting the barn with flowers and paper dolls – and adding a lace curtain to the loft window.  Bud put up with the girly painting because he still feels guilty about the red souped-up pickup he bought without consulting Melinda Sue.



All five barns that I have done so far……..



Got my nails done today and decided to go with a blue/green color with sparkles.  They look pretty good along side two March postcards – the front one from Penny and the back one made by me.  (Lou Ann’s comes by pony express via Mars and Jupiter.)

GreennailsHappy National Quilting Day, Happy St. Pat’s Day, Happy Green Nails day, ……Oh Happy Day…………