Frustrating Day

It snowed today.  It snowed a lot.  It snowed so much that I did not go to my volunteer job today.  This is looking out my front door to the driveway.

frontsnowWell, that was OK because I had plenty of work to do at home.  I decided to work on the church website.  I am downloading/uploading seven years of recorded sermons and it is a tedious job.  In order to prevent myself from making mistakes, I created a check list for each month.  When I got to the third month, the printer would not work.  Uh-oh.  Error message.  Printer out of ink.  No problem.  I always have two spares on hand.  I go to the drawer on the right where I ALWAYS put the ink cartridges.

inkdrawerNO ink cartridges!  WHAT?  I know I bought two black cartridges and two sets of the color cartridges.  Where are they?  I looked in the same drawer at least five times, as if they would magically appear.  I looked in the closet.  I went out to my car and looked in the trunk.  I was very frustrated.  Very.  Maybe I accidently threw them out.  Maybe I just dreamed I bought extras.  Maybe the clerk never put them in my bag.  I was upset and needed to re-direct my mind.  So I grabbed my current book, sat in the red chair, draped the comfy quilt over my legs, rested the book on a big pillow, and read for several hours.


Later, when I walked back into the office I glanced over to the cabinets under the book shelf and saw a big of plastic bag peeking out.

bagdrawerCould it be??????  Yep.  The cartridges were safely put in this drawer.

bagindrawerNow why did I put them in that drawer instead of the drawer where I normally keep them?  And why were they still in the bag?  Where was my brain the day I decided to store them there?  I have decided that one of my best abilities is to safely store things in logical places where I can’t find them when I need them.

I can print now, so I guess I better get back to work on the website.  First I have to check email and blogs……….

Snowman.JPG       Bonnie





3 thoughts on “Frustrating Day

  1. I find myself joining you in the hunt, the irritation, the inner critic who has to comment on the entire process and the surprise FIND. Love the snow … hope you had the fireplace going!

  2. Oh, Bonnie, I can completely relate, especially to the part about “looking in the same drawer five times, as if they would magically appear”. Sigh 😦

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