Knitting while I wait

It was one of those very busy days today and I didn’t get home until the late afternoon.  I had some cooking to do for a bridal shower tomorrow – a Quinoa salad and an orange gluten-free cake.  While the cake was baking, I pulled out a bag from the back of my guest closet that contained another unfinished scarf.  I worked on the scarf and read a knit magazine.

knitscarfThe cake is cooling now and soon I will put the frosting on.

orangecakeNot a very flat surface.  Maybe I should take the cake out of the pan, turn it upside down, and frost it that way.  (It is supposed to be a one layer round cake, but I doubled the recipe for the party.)  Hmmm….I’m going now to see if the cake will come out easily so I can turn it upside down.  If you hear a loud scream, you know it didn’t work.

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