Back to my normal schedule

On Saturday our family had a bridal shower for Kristen who is marrying my grand-nephew.  My niece, Becky, and I made a quilt for the occasion.  I showed the binding before and now I can show the quilt.

KristenquiltBecky and I used fabric from our stashes including some fabric from Becky’s mother (Ben’s grandmother) (my sister).  We each made half the squares, Becky sewed it all together, we sent it out for professional long-arm quilting, and I did the binding and label.

The shower was lots of fun.  The menu was gluten-free for Kristen and each of us made several recipes.  We were all surprised at how good the food was, having never made gluten-free recipes before.  I made a Quinoa salad and an orange cake – both yummy.  Becky had her home decorated in the bride’s colors – black & white with pops of fuchsia.  It looked elegant and festive.   Becky gave a very clever gift – four plastic containers each filled with holiday decorations.  One for Christmas, one for Halloween, one for the patriotic holidays, and one for Thanksgiving.  My niece from Wisconsin, Sara,  stayed with me, so I had some quality time with her after the shower and around the breakfast table on Sunday morning.


Today I started working on Block #3 of Comfort and Joy.



Yes, there is a huge missing section – the applique section.  I ran out of time (and steam) because I had made components for other blocks too.



There are many other things on my To Do list today, so finishing up Block #3 will have to wait a few days.

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