Another Whimsical Barn

Bud and Melinda Sue had seven boys.  Melinda Sue kinda dreamed of being an artist, but with living on a farm and raising seven boys, the only art she was able to create was painting the barn with flowers and paper dolls – and adding a lace curtain to the loft window.  Bud put up with the girly painting because he still feels guilty about the red souped-up pickup he bought without consulting Melinda Sue.



All five barns that I have done so far……..



Got my nails done today and decided to go with a blue/green color with sparkles.  They look pretty good along side two March postcards – the front one from Penny and the back one made by me.  (Lou Ann’s comes by pony express via Mars and Jupiter.)

GreennailsHappy National Quilting Day, Happy St. Pat’s Day, Happy Green Nails day, ……Oh Happy Day…………



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