Christmas Barn

Last night I got an email from a lady in southern Indiana asking me if I was going to do a Christmas Barn.  Hmmm.  Hadn’t thought of that.  Seems she has a friend by the name of Noel who is married to Joseph Bethlehem.  Really.  They lived on a farm for the first ten years of their marriage and always wanted to paint the barn in Christmas colors.  Money was tight and they never got around to it, and then moved when he got a good job at the local John Deere dealership.  So this barn I created today is for Noel and Joseph Bethlehem.  It is a little gaudy, but then Christmas decorations can sometimes be very gaudy.



Up close it is not only gaudy, but kind of ugly (I think), and I planned to put it on the back of the quilt.  But when I put it with the other barn blocks, it doesn’t look that bad.  The jury is out on this one.



(Oops – the picture seems to be out of focus.  Sorry.  My camera skills could always use improvement.)



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