Block #4 – Craftsy Block-of-the-month

After two weeks of doing other things, I was back in the quilt studio today and made Block #4 of the Craftsy block-of-the-month.  This was a lesson in curved piecing.  The block is huge so the curves are gentle.  I only had one pucker to undo.  The rest went together easily although it involved making templates (ugh).

Block #3 Craftsy 002The teacher suggested doing the blanket stitch by hand around the circle.  I took her suggestion and hated it, so I undid it and re-did it on the machine.  Much better.

Block #3 Craftsy 001The week before last I went to visit my sister-in-law in California.  I rested well in this cozy bed.

before trip 001And enjoyed sitting out on the patio.

before trip 004before trip 006

We went on a whale watching boat trip out of San Diego and then enjoyed a good lunch at The Fish Market.

before trip 016before trip 031

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.  Picture of nephew Randy, me, and sister-in-law Pat (picture taken by Aleta, Pat’s housemate).

before trip 037

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3 thoughts on “Block #4 – Craftsy Block-of-the-month

  1. So fun to see these pictures of your trip! I am eager to hear more about it 🙂
    And the craftsy block is so cute! (It looks like a lot of work!)

  2. Bonnie, Oh, does Randy ever remind me of Ralph. Hope you had a nice trip. Like the pictures.

    love Beth

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Your Craftsy block is wonderful Bonnie! I’m glad you got to enjoy some sunshine. Isn’t San Diego wonderful! See you at guild but not at bee. Bring a top to guild if you can so we can exchange.

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