Finished binding

Tonight I finished the binding on Moe’s red & white quilt.  I sure enjoyed working on this colorful quilt.  On the back Moe had several different red & white fabrics and a blue & white fabric, which made the hand sewing of the binding more interesting.  I kept myself motivated by saying I could stand up and take a break when I got to the next fabric.

boundredquiltMoe 002

boundredquiltMoe 003Beautiful fabrics, wonderful red color, a very fun project indeed.




Today I spent a considerable amount of time organizing all my counted cross-stitch stuff.  All the patterns are now in one drawer, all the patterns that are kitted up are in another drawer, fabric in a third drawer, etc., etc.  I have all the magnets in one place and all the needles in one container.  (Note, I have enough needles to last about 800 years or so.)   I kitted up two projects which I will keep by my red chair along with my redwork .

tablerunner 007And I took the time to put a few stitches in each new project.

tablerunner 008


Also made two Yo-yo’s for my table runner.  Here it is looking spiffy on my dining room table, alone with some ruby glass.

tablerunner 001However, I think I will use it in the kitchen where I can enjoy it while eating my meals and doing Sudoku puzzles.

tablerunner 005

New Book



Yesterday in my Quilt Studio

Yesterday I took pictures of the things I worked on in my Quilt Studio, then when I went to write a post for this blog, I could not find my camera.  How could I lose a camera in my own home?  This morning I was determined to find said camera and went on a room by room search.  Found it!  It was stuck up against the side of a chair in my living room where I could not see it from the doorway or even the middle of the room.  I must have dropped it there on the way to the mail box.

I finished up the Craftsy block of the month for May, eliminating the awful yellow from the other day, and trimming the blocks.  The one at the very bottom is trimmed incorrectly (too small), but I only need 7 blocks and that block will go in my Orphan Block drawer.

craftsytablerunner 002Then I played with some 10 inch squares, cutting them in strips and arranging them on my design wall.  Don’t know if I like this or not……..maybe add more fabric, or arrange differently.  It is just fun to play around with ideas.

craftsytablerunner 004And lastly I made one of those 10-minute table runners.  I like the focus fabric.  The red fabric at the top of the picture will be used to make two yo-yo’s to attach to the ends of the table runner.

craftsytablerunner 007No sewing today as I am shopping and cooking for a community meal at our church tonight.





Craftsy May blocks

Getting the May block-of-the-month on Craftsty (strippy spools) done was my goal today –  7 blocks which I made scrappy.  I still need to spray starch and trim them.

CraftsyMay20113 002I am enjoying the Craftsy classes because I can go back and repeat any technique.   ……….Hmmmm…looking at the above picture as I type I am noticing that the bright yellow does not blend (value wise) with the other fabrics.  I may have to change that block.


Quilt top done !

The quilt I am making for a friend is done……..well the top is done.  Now it needs to go for professional machine quilting.  I can’t show the quilt, but here are some bits that didn’t make it into the quilt.  It is a happy and colorful quilt.

Pamsquilt 004I hope that it will be ready to show in a little over a month.

And here is the progress so far on my latest stitching project.

Pamsquilt 005

New Book


Last night was the monthly quilt guild meeting (  I’m fortunate to belong to this large guild.  We get nationally known speakers almost every month, workshops the following two days, and incredible Show-N-Tell each month.  There is also a vendor each month and last night I spent some money adding these goodies to my stash.

NSQGMay 002A really cool tote bag, a table runner kit with sewing themed fabrics, a seam ripper that eliminates the loose threads, and a colorful “Smidgens” package of 10″ squares.

Guild night is always a good night – sitting with friends, listening to good lectures, shopping, laughing, and filling myself up with inspiration.



Internet service restored ! ! !

Yes my friends, I have been without Internet service for a week now.  It has been torture.  Everything I do seems to depend on Internet service.  I feel like I have been without my right arm.  I wanted to hug the cable guy when he came, but he didn’t look like the hugable kind of guy.  In fact, he had a rather sour expression on his face and was complaining about what a difficult day he had been having with hard-to-solve problems.  When he was finally able to fix my cable problem, he looked totally relieved and I even saw a half smile cracking  his face.

My quilting this past week has been difficult.  I’m working on a quilt for a friend and have not been happy with my progress.  Yesterday I went to the LQS where I got excellent help and advice, which means that today I was able to make good progress.  Yeah!  Can’t show pictures though as I hope to keep it a secret until the final reveal.

Instead I will show you a picture of my progress on a new counted cross-stitch piece – Little House Needleworks “ABC123”.  Stitching is so much more fun now that I have a good magnifier/light.

CCS May2013 002 As you can see, I changed the color of the house. And why, you might ask, did I change the color of the house?   Because I didn’t have the right color in my stash!