Yesterday in my Quilt Studio

Yesterday I took pictures of the things I worked on in my Quilt Studio, then when I went to write a post for this blog, I could not find my camera.  How could I lose a camera in my own home?  This morning I was determined to find said camera and went on a room by room search.  Found it!  It was stuck up against the side of a chair in my living room where I could not see it from the doorway or even the middle of the room.  I must have dropped it there on the way to the mail box.

I finished up the Craftsy block of the month for May, eliminating the awful yellow from the other day, and trimming the blocks.  The one at the very bottom is trimmed incorrectly (too small), but I only need 7 blocks and that block will go in my Orphan Block drawer.

craftsytablerunner 002Then I played with some 10 inch squares, cutting them in strips and arranging them on my design wall.  Don’t know if I like this or not……..maybe add more fabric, or arrange differently.  It is just fun to play around with ideas.

craftsytablerunner 004And lastly I made one of those 10-minute table runners.  I like the focus fabric.  The red fabric at the top of the picture will be used to make two yo-yo’s to attach to the ends of the table runner.

craftsytablerunner 007No sewing today as I am shopping and cooking for a community meal at our church tonight.





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